Key Services

We have expertise in wide range of technological services.

Application Development and Management: Expertise in Appian, Mendix, Pega, Outsystems, and more, to deliver efficient and reliable solutions.Digital Process Automation: Utilizing Celonis Process Mining, EMS, Android & IOS, and RPA offshore support to streamline your business operations. Quality Assurance: Manual & Automation, ensuring robust and bug-free applications. Web Development: Full-stack solutions, React Native, PHP development support, React JS, Angular JS, and more. SAP Solutions: SuccessFactors Implementation, HCPI development and support, Boomi integration development and support. Salesforce Consulting: Expert consulting services to optimize your Salesforce platform.

Insurance Outsourcing Services

Insuring Your Success

We offer comprehensive Insurance Outsourcing Services

Services Include

Insurance Staffing and BPO: Building a competent workforce to handle your

insurance operations.

Backoffice Production: Seamless and efficient back-office support.

Business Advisory Services: Expert guidance for strategic decision-making.

Policy Checking: Ensuring accuracy and compliance.

Certificates of Insurance: Streamlining the certificate issuance process.

HR and Financial Services

Empowering Your Workforce and Finances

Our HR and Financial Services

Services Include

RPO and Talent Acquisition: Connecting you with top talent.

Core HR Services: Streamlining HR processes for maximum efficiency.

Offshore Staffing Support: Extending your workforce capabilities.

Payroll Management: Accurate and timely payroll processing.

Company Tax Help: Expert assistance with tax matters.

Bookkeeping: Keeping your financial records in order.

Offshore Taxes and CFO Services: Ensuring financial success in a global market.

Global Presence

We Serve Clients Across the Globe

At KheyDigit, we cater to clients across India, US, EMEA, APAC, and the Middle East. Our diverse clientele is a testament to our ability to deliver exceptional services worldwide.

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